Features » Community Contributions

On top of ev­ery­thing else, there are li­braries, tools and con­cepts built by the com­mu­ni­ty — not part of Mag­num it­self, but worth men­tion­ing nev­er­the­less.

Graph­ics Tem­plate App

A self-con­tained tem­plate for de­vel­op­ing graph­ics ap­pli­ca­tions con­tain­ing Mag­num, ImGui, ImGuiz­mo and GLFW. All de­pen­den­cies are in­clud­ed CMake sub­pro­jects — gen­er­ate a project file and build.

Fe­do­ra RPM pack­ages

Open­SUSE and Ubun­tu pack­ages

Main­tained as de­pen­den­cies for Monop­ti­con.

Mag­num Tips

Col­lec­tion of use­ful snip­pets and handy ed­i­tor-like util­i­ties for Mag­num.

li­bRock­et in­te­gra­tion

In­te­grates li­bRock­et, a HTML/CSS UI li­brary, in­to Mag­num.

Mag­num In­spec­tor

GTK-based vari­able in­spec­tor win­dow run­ning along­side Mag­num.

Mag­num Web Ap­pli­ca­tion tem­plate

An Em­scripten-on­ly ver­sion of magnum-bootstrap that in­te­grates in­to Web­pack and al­lows easy in­clu­sion of oth­er JavaScript or We­bAssem­bly mod­ules. The bun­dle al­so pro­vides a lo­cal de­vel­op­ment serv­er that watch­es the files and re­fresh­es the brows­er on code up­dates.

Mag­num VR UI

Mix of Mag­num Ui Gallery, Mag­num Ocu­lus VR ex­am­ple and Mag­num Leap Mo­tion ex­am­ple, show­ing how to fu­sion them all to­geth­er.

Mag­num Hot Reload

Proof of con­cept im­ple­men­ta­tion of hot code reload­ing us­ing Cor­rade::Plug­in­Man­ag­er.

Bazel buildsys­tem

In­te­grates Mag­num in­to the Bazel buildsys­tem.

Mac­Ports pack­ages

Mac­Ports port­files for Mag­num.