Demos and ex­am­ples on this page re­quire We­bAssem­bly-en­abled brows­er with at least We­bGL 1 work­ing. All re­cent ver­sions of ma­jor browsers should work, see the in­tro­duc­to­ry blog post for more in­for­ma­tion. You can al­so use the Mag­num In­fo util­i­ty to see if your brows­er is ca­pa­ble of run­ning the demos; if you are un­lucky and your brows­er isn’t, you can at least try asm.js ver­sion of the Tri­an­gle ex­am­ple.

Audio example screenshot
Au­dio ex­am­ple
Shows how to play spa­tial­ized au­dio with Mag­num. Warn­ing: plays sound on load.
Viewer example screenshot
View­er ex­am­ple
Us­es OpenGEX im­porter plug­in to load 3D scene for in­ter­ac­tive view­ing.
Primitives example screenshot
Prim­i­tives ex­am­ple
Shows how to use builtin prim­i­tives and how to do sim­ple in­put han­dling. Dis­plays col­ored cube which can be ro­tat­ed us­ing mouse.
Text example screenshot
Text ex­am­ple
Show­case of Mag­num text ren­der­ing us­ing signed dis­tance field tech­nique. Full UTF-8 sup­port. Buf­fer map­ping is used for mu­ta­ble text.
Triangle example screenshot
Tri­an­gle ex­am­ple
Dis­plays sim­ple tri­an­gle with in­ter­po­lat­ed col­ors. For the un­lucky, an asm.js ver­sion that doesn’t re­quire We­bAssem­bly-ca­pa­ble brows­er is al­so avail­able.
Textured triangle example screenshot
Tex­tured tri­an­gle ex­am­ple
Slight­ly ex­tend­ed ver­sion of the tri­an­gle ex­am­ple; us­es TGA im­porter plug­in to load a stone im­age and dis­plays a tri­an­gle with col­ored tex­ture on it.
Magnum Info screenshot
Mag­num In­fo
Text util­i­ty print­ing out var­i­ous in­for­ma­tion about Mag­num and the OpenGL / We­bGL im­ple­men­ta­tion it’s run­ning on. Ver­sions for We­bGL 1 and We­bGL 2 are avail­able.
Magnum AL Info screenshot
Mag­num AL In­fo
Text util­i­ty print­ing out var­i­ous in­for­ma­tion about Mag­num and the Ope­nAL im­ple­men­ta­tion it’s run­ning on.